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Americas #1 provider of wireless internet "WIFI" systems for the timeshare and condominium market
OceanNet has many benefits over other current service offerings. Click here to look for yourself. Or, if you're ready to go
forward, you can fill out an Install Application. Otherwise take your time to look around our web page to explore the
possibilities of OceanNet then contact us to sign up.
How many times have you or your rental agents been asked about whether or not
your property has high-speed Internet? Chances are this happens so often you
never want to hear this question again. In fact, in 2006, 78% of vacationers chose
to stay in a resort with high-speed Internet access. So now in 2007 providing
Internet is no longer an option...it's a necessity to stay
. So what are you waiting for? At OceanNet we can empower you,
the condominium managers, and the board with an easy way to
provide this
service to your owners and guests...without spending a penny
. In fact
OceanNet not only installs for free, we also pay the condominium association
commission on each and every login!
Wireless WIFI internet now installed completely FREE!
Please fill out the application to see if your property qualifies.
OceanNet installs your property for free and pays your association commission!
OceanNet is comprehensive - providing you everything, installation, management, and upkeep. Everything you need to
provide high-speed Internet to your owners and guests
. Best of all, OceanNet utilizes state-of-the-art, cutting-edge
wireless technology in all its networks so that your Internet service won't become obsolete.

Connecting to OceanNet is simple, taking about 30 seconds. After connecting, your owners, guests, and renters will be able
to roam freely throughout the entire property, without losing connection to OceanNet's always-on, high-speed Internet
The OceanNet service is mobile, fast, hassle-free, and just plain cool.
Welcome to OceanNet the #1 provider of wireless internet systems to the
timeshare and condominium market.