WIFI Internet laptop at timeshare
It was once said that a picture was worth a thousand words. Here at OceanNet we feel
seeing the OceanNet experience is the best way to understand what it's all about.

When you click the demo link you will be taken to a simulated login experience. Feel
free to click around and try the system out. We promise it will not take your money.

You will see a condominium photograph at the top of the page. Your property
photograph will be featured here and your property name will also appear on the

Click the
need an account button and you will be taken to the time/pricing page.

Go ahead and
pick a plan and select continue.

Now all you would have to do is
assign yourself a login name and password and
choose how you want to pay. The
payment options are credit card or PayPal.

Now as promised we said we would not take your money so this is as far as the demo
can go.

So go ahead play with and enjoy the demo and as always if you have questions
give us a call.
Wireless WIFI internet now installed completely FREE!
Please fill out the application to see if your property qualifies.

Americas #1 provider of wireless internet "WIFI" systems for the timeshare and condominium market