hotspot customers
"Need a salesman?"
D. Allison Key West, Florida

OceanNet brings happiness and allows people to enjoy your property more.
Take for example Mr. Barnes who was able to do a little work on vacation allowing
him to spend more time with his family, without OceanNet he would have had to stay
behind. Or Mr. Allison who was so happy with OceanNet he wanted to sell for us, he
said it would be the easiest thing he ever sold. And Mr. Peterson who hung out at the
beach and his customers were none the wiser, do you think he was less stressed
that week? In all OceanNet makes a lot of things possible. And the fact that it is
installed for free and brings income into the property just makes it all the better.
Wireless WIFI internet now installed completely FREE!
Please fill out the application to see if your property qualifies.

"Where else can you go and surf the internet on the beach!"
P. Creegan Chesapeake, VA
"Finally internet access done right"
J. Cagiano Otter Banks, North Carolina
"Good bye DSL! Thanks OceanNet"
K. Garland Va Beach, Va
"We should off done this years
P. Reed Savanna, Georgia
"Free installation! Need I say more"
J. P. Haas Lanham, MD
"I was able to spend more time at the beach with my family, thanks to
S. Barnes Saint Louis, Missouri
"OceanNet was cheaper then the local internet café!"
B. Jones Chesapeake, MD
"I spent a week at the beach and my customers had no idea!"
S. Peterson Huston, Texas
"Internet at the pool my friends will never believe me!"
B. Wood San Francisco, CA
"I could of, I should of, and I would of, but all the great ideas are taken!"
J. Strott Kissimmee, Florida
Americas #1 provider of wireless internet "WIFI" systems for the timeshare and condominium market