How does a user get on the OceanNet system?
Almost all laptops sold in the last 5 years have wireless internet. Condo owners with desktop systems can easily add wireless
capability. Once wireless it is as simple as turning on the computer and connecting to the OceanNet system. Then just follow
the prompts to get an account. Click here for a demo of the system.

How reliable is OceanNet equipment?
OceanNet relies on industry leading Proxim equipment. Proxim is one of the highest quality access points on the market.
Although we pay much more for this equipment, using Proxim guarantees network uptime, longer range, and results in satisfied

Who manages the network at my property?
OceanNet completely manages all aspects of the wireless system.

Who owns the equipment?
OceanNet owns and is responsible for all equipment.

Can OceanNet provide a certificate of insurance?
Yes once approved for installation, we provide a certificate of insurance to the property manager for their records before we
start the installation.

Will you provide us with the proper materials to give our owners and guest?
Of course. We want your guests to know the system is available and easy to use. We will give you your own download folder
on our site to get copies of need documentation for your renter handouts. This documentation will be branded with your logo
and property.

Does the OceanNet system have a firewall?
Yes the OceanNet system has a built in firewall between all users. In effect preventing users from being hacked by other users
of the system. Although we do have a firewall we do not recommend using any wireless system without also having a software
firewall on your computer.

Can a user access their corporate VPN via the high-speed connection?
OceanNet networks allows for VPN and corporate intranet. However, not all VPN client software allows access from public
networks such as ours.

Who can use the OceanNet service?
Anyone with a wireless capable computer can use our service.

What does it cost to login to the OceanNet system?
Cost can vary from Property to Property, State to State and sometimes even season. Our price page is a good place to start.
The good news is a user that buys longer term plan is not affected by price changes until their current plan expires.

How can OceanNet afford to do this?
We make our money back from login revenue. We see no need to be greedy and know a good deal is when all parties
involved are happy. The property gets wireless internet and a commission from logins. The owners and guest get internet and
increased value. And OceanNet gets access to all the users. OceanNet is a "win, win" situation for all parties involved.

When OceanNet pays commissions what keeps you honest?
All payments made into the OceanNet system are fully tractable and made thru a third party processing company. The
payment screens on our system are controlled by secure transaction directly to that processing company.

How do we sign up?
Just fill out the application and give us as much information as possible. If your property qualifies we will install the system free
of charge.

What qualifies a property for OceanNet?
We have a lot of things we look at to qualify a building. This includes feasibility, install-ability, profitability, location. The more
information we have the more the chance of getting your property accepted. Don't hesitate to give us a call on top of submitting
your application we want to know as much as possible about your property. And don't think your property is too small or too big
for OceanNet. We have systems for all size properties.
Wireless WIFI internet now installed completely FREE!
Please fill out the application to see if your property qualifies.

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