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Wireless is fast becoming the number one method to connect to the Internet. Research shows
that high-speed
wireless Internet access usage is doubling every year at vacation spots.
Following are some of the advantages of implementing OceanNet wireless at your property:

Reliability through quality: OceanNet only uses professional industrial level equipment to build
itís networks. Your layout is designed by our manufacture certified and trained network

Certified installation: OceanNet understands and respects building and fire codes. In fact all
installations are onsite
supervised by a Master Electrician specializing in low voltage wire
structure. You won't find a better installation from anyone.

Security that meets standards: OceanNet wireless networks employ security protocols that
meet all industry standards. Protecting you and your guest from wireless hackers.

Fast Installation: We can usually have your network installed and operational within three days
after the ISP connection has been delivered.

Access to information: All OceanNet clients are provided access to their properties usage

Wireless WIFI internet now installed completely FREE!
Please fill out the application to see if your property qualifies.

General Advantages of Wireless vs. Wired

Mobility: provides connectivity throughout the property. Including owners condos, the lobby, the meeting rooms, the pool and
even parts of the beach.

Performance: Performs the same, or better, than if you were "plugged in" to the wall.

Speed: Internet browsing speeds hundreds of times faster than dial-up. And, it's always on.

Installation is fast: up to 30 times faster than a hardwired solution. We can usually accomplish complete installation within
three days.

Installation is non-intrusive: who wants to rip up all the walls to put in hard-wire? Certainly, your owners won't appreciate it.
Once installed, you'll never see our equipment.

Standards: Uses the most popular wireless standard, WiFi, this is built into all laptop computers sold today.
Americas #1 provider of wireless internet "WIFI" systems for the timeshare and condominium market